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Last updated at 06:56PM, 19th November 2007

06:38PM, 19th November 2007

Terribly sorry for the late update. Its been a really stressful and busy week for me and I have not been able to check my emails and do updates on time. The cameras arrived at my uncle's office last Saturday and I only managed to collect from him today.

Please do me a favor, go to and fill in your particulars.

moddishh ▬ Please make additional top-up of $0.50 before filling in your particulars.
mameenoodles, pinkminx86, lilgrubber ▬ You will receive your refund with your camera(s).

Thanks everyone for your kind understanding!

12:26PM, 13th November 2007

The cameras were supposed to arrive last week but I have yet to receive them and I was dead worried so I emailed my supplier. This was his response.
'Dont worry they have been sent.

they would be delayed because of a postal strike that the uk is still getting over.

they shall definitely be with you in the next couple of days

If you google or read the news, you'll find that the strike is indeed true so please be patient everyone. I won't know when exactly I will receive the cameras so please do not ask me. BUT rest assure I'll mass email you guys once the cameras are here.

01:15AM, 06th November 2007

▬ Supplier sent me this email a minute ago,
'The cameras will be with u by the end of the week. I am sending them 10 at a time so u wont have to pay as much taxes.'

03:40PM, 05th November 2007

▬ Supplier sent me this email 11 hours ago,
'the cameras are all packed up and ready to be shipped.

i am posting them tomorrow.'

11:16PM, 04th November 2007

▬ Consolidated spree order was sent to the supplier on 12:58AM, 04th November 2007.
▬ Payment was made via PayPal at 01:22AM, 04th November 2007.

▬ Supplier has acknowledged payment and will ship our package out on Monday, 05th November 2007. This is what he said in our email conversation,
'i will ship it on monday. i will not be able to make it trackable but you can trust that your parcel will get to u on time and in the correct order.'
▬ Click here to download the excel document for the consolidated spree order.

Kindly email me at if you have any questions regarding updates.

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